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Unified Communications & Collaboration

In order to increase productivity of any work force, arming workers with proper tools is of utmost importance. The results of proper tooling are increased efficiencies, faster, quicker and better-quality outputs as well as increased job satisfaction.

In today’s world, Globalisation is a reality, workers require tools that will enable them to work as efficiently from different continents of the planet as if they were in the same open plan office.

Unified Communications and Collaboration enables global teams to work extremely efficiently, fosters quicker decision making and ensures that the quality of experience is of a great standard thereby eliminating the impact of geography and creating enormous cost savings for teams by reduced travelling.

TrillCom specialises in the design, deployment and management of these solutions ensuring that that our solutions achieve the business benefits for our customers and ensuring that users and benefactors of the solutions have a seamless refreshing experience when utilising these tools.

We understand that customers will have an array of different OEM equipment within their environments and that it may not make business sense to forklift their current solutions and replace them. We therefore ensure that the solutions we come up with together with our customers take care of their current situations, ensuring that existing infrastructure is maximised and new infrastructure reside side-by-side and work as one, while we design roadmaps of when the old equipment would be migrated to a new environment. Ensuring that functionality and ease of use is observed during these phases.

Solutions exploit the use of cloud, video, voice, data and messaging and in most cases all at the same time, so that members communicating experience a life-like experience of being connected.