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Storage and Server Solutions

Data is generated is exponentially and not only is it generated by humans but also by sensors and machines. This data needs to be stored and accessed almost instantaneously when required for analysis. It is also important that the data that is stored is backed-up in case of outages.

Governments have also made certain legal stipulations as to where the data is stored, what data can be stored as well as the ability to retrieve data when required.

All of these factors have been a catalyst for

extremely efficient and innovative technological development

in this environment. Equipment manufacturers have spent huge amounts of resources ensuring that they not only meet but exceed this requirement for faster and more reliable compute power and storage. Creating new chip-sets, storage devices with no moving parts as well as reducing the cost and size of environments to store the data and manage it from single pane interfaces.

We assist our customers in predicting their usage into the future and together we build sound solutions that make use of cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions that are tailored to their user specifications as well as their budget ensuring that their compute environments are stable, efficient, reliable and cost effective.

Trillcom have partnered with organisations ensuring that we can cover every element in the compute environment from floorspace hosting to high-end servers and storage area networks. Enduring that our customers data is always available and accessible and that data is never lost and always retrievable.